Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why blog so much? - the importance feed back

I seems to have been blogging a lot more in the last couple of weeks than I was to start off with. I’m not completely sure why I blog at all, I have some ideas and one day I’ll write more about “why” but for now I can answer the easier question: Why have I blogged so much lately?

Well partly its because I have things I want to say and when I think them through they make sense as a small piece of writing. As anyone who knows me will know I usually do have things to say, but the second part, about actually writing it down as a short piece is new, its a skill I’m getting better at now I’ve started doing it more regularly.

That’s the first part of the answer: because I can.

The second part goes back to something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago: the importance of feedback. A couple of things have happened lately to give me feedback on my blog.

First, I (finally) got around to getting myself an RSS reader (Mozilla Thunderbird - damn good mail client and RSS reader, highly recommended) so I’ve been exploring all that jazz. Its great, I now see just how important RSS is, this may be a small simple thing but it is really important. I can remember when PointCast first started doing push news and everyone thought this was big. Now we’ve reduced it to a commodity - and an Open Source one at that.

Second, a couple of people I know actually told me they where reading my blog! Shock horror, someone actually pays attention to something I write. That makes me feel good, they wouldn’t read it, let alone tell me they read it, if I was writing complete rubbish.

So there you go. Two feedback mechanisms that are reinforcing what I’m doing, makes me feel good about it, tells me I’m on the right path.