Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog slow down

Since returning from holiday I’ve been blogging less - some might argue this is a good thing. I’ve always tried to aim for about one blog entry a week, I think so far this year my average has been closer to two, so yes, I probably should slow down.

So, don’t worry, I’m still here, I still intend to keep blogging but I’m happy to do it at a slower pace - hopefully less quantity more quality.

Several forces are conspiring here to slow me down. First is EuroPLoP is just a couple of weeks away. At EuroPLoP we review writers papers, we tell writers what we think of their work. This means that you have to read a lot of papers before you get to the conference - I’ve read two, I’ve got another four to go.

Again this year I’m running a focus group with Lise Hvatum. This will build on last years successful focus group on Conway's Law and will discuss how social forces effect software architecture.

And just for fun, I’m the Focus Group chair at EuroPLoP this year, so a little more work there too.

The second force that is at play is my book. Regular readers will have heard occasional mention of this from time to time, well, I’ve decided to go for it and attempt to write a book. Actually, this book has been in development to some degree for the last two or three years. With the publication of Pattern Languages of Program Design 5 (yes, the physical copies arrived, hurray! I can hold it in my hands!) I’ve been enthused some more to finish this project.

I actually gave a friend some of the more recently written, unedited, chapters and got some really good feedback so that has given me more impetuses. And finally, when I look at all the material I have I can see that I’m damn close!

I’ve already approached one publisher and I’m waiting for my feedback, I’m trying to see rejection as a good thing, it will help me focus what I do next - but I’m hoping for acceptance!

As if this weren’t enough I’ve got a bunch of other things going on in my life just now which I won’t discuss in a blog.

So, dear reader, I hope you don’t mind if I slow down my blogging just a little bit.

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