Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blip on the blog

Anyone reading this blog through RSS or an aggregrator may notice a blip as my entries on the Nurnberg funnel appear fresh when they are not.  There is another (last?) entry coming on this subject but not just yet.

Thing is… as I noted a few weeks ago I’ve moved back to using BlogJet.  There was a problem some of you may have noticed with formatting: extra line breaks. 

I think the cause was actually some interplay between the way BlogJet works and New Blogger.

Well I worked out how to fix this problem (blogger config option) but it meant that some other entries lost their line breaks.  Specifically the three entries on the Nurnberg funnel which were written outside of BlogJet. 

Anyway, it meant that these entries looked odd so I’ve had to fix them by hand – there is dedication for you!

Two points to note.

First: I’ve now payed my $19 to officially upgrade to BlogJet.  It still makes blogging much easier and I’m glad I have it.

Second: the Blogger upgrade has been nothing but pain for me.  I don’t see the benefits of upgrade and its has caused me a host of little problems – mainly because of the BlogJet interface. 

Given that Blogger is a software service owned by Google I wonder what this says about Google’s (or just Blogger’s?) approach to compatibility and upgrades.  The process has not been smooth, hopefully Google will learn and things will be better next time. Alternatively they may just stamp their foot and say it was all BlogJet’s fault – in which case it says something about their attitude to their ecosystem.

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed.

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