Sunday, October 21, 2007

Presentations in Southampton and Cambridge

I should have mentioned this before but my blogging has been erratic at late - blame the ADSL line!

I will be giving presentations to the local ACCU South Coast group this group this week (25 October) and the week after the ACCU Cambridge (1 November). To keep things simple I’m giving the same presentation to both groups.

The presentation is entitled ‘Agile Software Development - Where do I begin?’ As the name suggests it will give some ideas and thoughts on how an organization can start to adopt more Agile practises.

Now for the interesting bit...

I’ve been asked to give a talk to a large media company in London the week after. For this I’m going to give a talk entitled ‘What’s wrong with Agile.’ Talk about contradicting myself!

There is a simple explanation... Agile is good, it describes a better way of developing software, it is a powerful story and introduces some new techniques. But, you shouldn’t just adopt Agile. Ask yourself: what is the problem? Then fix the problem, you may well use some Agile tools but don’t set out to adopt Agile, set out to fix your problem.

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