Thursday, November 15, 2007

More patterns for software companies

I have posted another set of business strategy patterns on my website. These patterns were reviewed at EuroPLoP 2007. It took me a while to incorporate all the comments and then polish them, hence the delay in publishing.

I have now amassed quite a body patterns describing business. At first these were fairly generic, I was writing for any business. Over time I started to think specifically about technical companies and products and now I’ve decided to concentrate on software companies. This is a pragmatic decision, although many of these patterns are more applicable I know about software companies so I can write with knowledge.

These patterns also represent a change in target readership. At EuroPLoP Juregen Salecker pointed out that these patterns would be interesting to people on the receiving end of these strategies and tactics. Yes managers, entrepreneurs and students might find these patterns interesting but really it was those on the sharp end that these patterns are for.

I have another batch of business patterns coming up as a result of VikingPLoP 2007. Hopefully now I have some time I should be able to get these done in a week or two.

My problem, or opportunity, now is that I am amassing a lot of patterns. I increasingly feel the need to pull them all together and look at the whole. Something Cecilia Haskins and Jim Coplien also pointed out at VikingPLoP. Doing this is going to be quite an effort.

And where does that take me?

Well a few people have asked if I would consider turning these patterns into a book. And since two of these people are publishers I need to think about this. However, having just finished one book I’d like a little break... anyone out there interested in a book of business patterns?

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