Friday, January 04, 2008

New pieces on the website

I’ve been holding out, waiting until I have the time to write a really great start-the-year blog entry. Well I’ve not had the time and I’m about to go on holiday for a week. Still, just time to say I’ve posted some new pieces on my website.

• Session notes from Creating Awareness / Exposing Problems is the result of my ACCU 2007 conference session. These notes were published in ACCU Overload last month and are now on the website.

• My patterns from VikingPLoP 2007 (More) Patterns for Software Companies were uploaded just before Christmas but never announced here.

And what for this year?

Well I think I’m going to try and blog less. Yes less. Two reasons really.

Firstly I have plenty of ideas for blog pieces but quite a few of them would be long entries. Some of these I will write up but I am included to place the majority in ACCU Overload. When a pieces runs to several pages I think this is a better forum. I’ll still upload them to the website and announce them here but by their nature they require more time. More time on these means less time elsewhere.

Mentally I’ve accepted that I am going to write a second book. This will be concerned with, well, Business Patterns and Strategy for Software Companies (umm, that could be a good title.) Don’t expect it much before 2010, I intend to avoid signing a contract for a while. I’ll divert some of my material to this instead of the blog.

Secondly, I’ve spent most of the weeks before and during Christmas researching a new business idea and developing a business plan. Very few people know what I’m planning but this select group increased by one at lunch time.

That also means my consultancy work may have to take a back seat when things get going.

(By the way, if you know anyone who would like to invest please let me know. Current projections suggest I need about £100k).

In the meantime, if your missing this blog you can buy the book. Changing Software Development is out in a few days, I heard today that Amazon are already publicising it in e-mail.

And if that is not enough I’ll be appearing in Cambrigde later this month, at SPA and at ACCU 2008 - events list here.

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