Monday, March 01, 2010

Last words on architects

Time to bring this mini series to an end. I’ve talked about

As a quick rule of thumb consider:
  • The Product Owner (Produce Manager/BA): is concerned with the What
  • The Project Manager: is concerned with the When
  • The (your type of) Architect: is concerned with the How
And some closing advice:

  • When you have a software system to design or fix, look to an architecture team not an individual. The team can share the vision in creating and exploitation.

  • Never, ever, give someone the title Architect: give them the role yes, but never the title. Once you give them the title it is difficult to remove. And since you don’t know how their ego will respond you risk creating an problem. Architect is a role, not a title. Give people architect responsibilities but make sure they are still defined as a Software Engineer or whatever term you use were you work.

  • The moment an “Architect” asks for an expensive tool to draw UML in then its time to let them go. UML can have a role but it isn’t worth spending money on. Expensive tools allow people to hide, architects shouldn’t hide. A cheap tool might be acceptable but don’t let them hide behind it.

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