Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quiet blog - Business Patterns for Software Developers in progress

Just a brief note to explain why this blog has been a bit quiet lately.

Two reasons.

Anyone who has seen me in the last 5-6 weeks will know we had a big family event four 4 weeks ago. So a lot of my time is going in that directions.

And second, about the time, I finally signed the contract to write “Business Patterns for Software Developers.” The business strategy patterns I have been writing and bringing to conferences for the last six or seven years are finally going to be made into a book.

So, most of my spare time is absorbed by getting the book project rolling. Fortunately most of the text is written but there are still gaps. Plus there is a lot of editing and reviewing to do.

The text of the book is due to be finished in September and the book in the shops in January. Expect to see if on Amazon long before then, once the ISBN number is issued it is in the catalogues and will be picked up by online retailers.

Exciting times.

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