Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Business Patterns for Software Developers on Amazon for pre-order

Milestones in the writing on Business Patterns for Software Developers are coming think and fast this week.

Monday saw me reviewing book covers - the proposals look really good. Like many other patterns books the cover will feature architecturally significant buildings. Unlike most other patterns books these three are also a World Heritage site.

Now the book is listed on Amazon for pre-order - order now!

Which means, it also has an ISBN number - 978-1119999249 is Business Patterns for Software Developers - or if you like the old style number 1119999243 - spot the difference :)

(Amazon are listing the release date as May but I’m pretty confident we’ll better that, I also suspect the page count and price will be higher than currently listed.)

I’m pretty close to the final text, mainly images I need to fix now.

The keen eyed among my readers will notice the words “Agile” and “Lean” are absent from the book title. Indeed, the words are largely absent from the text. They are in there, somewhere, they are difficult to ignore, but this isn’t a book about Lean or Agile. Yes it contains lots of advice for Lean and Agile companies but it isn’t just about them.

Read my lips: Its not about Agile, its about Business. Thats all it has ever been about, really.

In the meantime, the business patterns which form the book are still available on my website and will continue to be so. The versions which will appear in the book are a lot more polished and professionally edited, plus the book will have a lot of other new material.

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