Monday, February 18, 2013

Speaking at PAM - Project & Analysis Management Summit (Poland)

I’ve never been to Poland so when the invitation arrived to speak at the Project and Analysis Management Summit in Cracow it was hard to resist. However, I probably should have trodden more carefully. After a talking it over with the organisers I agreed to give a talk entitled:

“Is there a role for Project Managers and Business Analysts on Agile?”

For many Project Managers and Business Analysts this is The Big Question. Indeed, their jobs are on the line. While I’ve talked about both halts of this question before I’ve never put it all together. Now I’ll have to, a challenge, I’m part intimidated, part enthused.

So to start off with I thought I’d take a slightly different approach to the synopsis, let me know what you think:

Pity the poor Project Manager

There have no place in Agile,

Or so they say

Scrum Masters rule! Or rather they don't

Facilitate, Teach, Inspire, anything but Manage!

Or so they say

And where is the Business Analyst?

A void in every Agile book, blog and Tweet

The silence is defining

So tell me why, Why do many Agile teams have PMs and BAs?

Tell me, Do they add value? What should they do?

And tell me why, Why do Agilists dislike them so?

In this session Allan Kelly will attempt to untangle this conundrum, answer these questions and more.

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