Monday, March 03, 2014

Xanpan update

As regular readers will know I have been working on a new book, or rather a new ebook called Xanpan. Indeed, since I am using the LeanPub system some people are now reading the book.

The content in this volume stabilised a few months ago but as always my English is a little eratic. The book needed a professional copy edit - indeed even better writers than I have their books professionally copy edited. This was done a few weeks ago but I’ve only now been able to complete all the other changes.

So today I am proud to announce a new version of Xanpan.

I would like to offer readers of this blog a buy the book at a discount, half the recommended price. If you follow this link to Xanpan on the LeanPub site or enter the code “BlogMarch2014” when buying the book the price will be reduced. These discounts should be good until the end of next month.

(I’m sorry, LeanPub works in US dollars so although most readers of this blog are in places which are not the USA, particularly the UK, I have no choice.)

Apart from the copy edit the most significant change is I’ve changed the subtitle from “Personal reflections on agile software development” to “Team centric software development.”

While this book still contains my reflections - and sense making - on the development process, and particularly agile, the feedback I had from several people suggested that Xanpan differs from other methods by its emphasis on the team.

I expect the team centric aspect to be more noticeable in a second volume I plan to write “Xanpan: Management heuristics”. And I have a thought for a third volume “Xanpan: Requirements” but not for a while yet.

The next task is to make this version of Xanpan available as a hard copy. That should happen in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you have any comments or feedback please let me know.

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