Monday, December 19, 2016

Quite on the blog front - #NoProjects and Mimas

This blog has been a lot quieter in the last couple of months than normal. My energy has been going elsewhere.

If you would like to catch up with latest thinking - particularly #NoProjects - then please check out my latest work-in-progress book, #NoProjects: Correcting Project Myopia.

Early versions of this are available to buy and download now, most of my free time between now and the new year is directed at advancing this book (after one or two false starts.)

Come January my “spare time” time will be absorbed by reviewing the Agile on the Beach submissions (see the call for speakers). Which also helps explain the other reason for the quiet blog…

My summer programming endeavour is a thing I call Mimas - named after one of Saturn’s moons. It is a conference submission and review system for Agile on the Beach. I really should write a blog about the things I learned writing Mimas…

Like all software endeavours there is a lot more I could do. And like so many programmers I wonder…. could this be useful to other people?

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