Sunday, October 09, 2005

Going to speak

Since I know a thing or two about computers I often get asked by friends and family “what computer should I buy?”

My answer is simple, “how much money have you to spend? Buy a computer that much money and plan to replace it in three years time.”

My logic here is, just about any computer on the market today is good enough for your needs, most people are word processing, spread sheeting, surfing the net, and e-mailing. If you doing anything more complicated, e.g. gaming or software development, you probably know more about what computer you should have than I do.

The second half my advice is based in fact that machines date and explore the best to place on at regular intervals.

So then, if I follow my own advice I should buy a new machine now, my laptop is just over three years old, but when I look at the market things haven't really moved far forward, my laptop still does what I wanted to do.

One thing might change this though. When I got this laptop I got a free copy of DragonDictate, voice recognition software, I recently playing with this I quite like it. So I have decided to order an updated version in trying using more frequently.

The reason for telling this is simple, DragonDictate makes mistakes, I don't always spot them, so as I have started dictating my Blog entries you might start to see some mistakes. Now maybe I'll find the need for a new computer.

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  1. We agree! Shock!

    I give exactly the same advice, generally prefaced by "actually I don't know much about this at all", followed by "what do you want to do?". Assuming the answer isn't something along the lines of "produce Toy Story III" or "play Doom IV", then spend as much or as a little as you like, and it'll be fine.


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