Saturday, March 25, 2006

“Changing your organization” - ACCU conference 19-22 April, Oxford

Don’t think I’ve mentioned this before - but apologies if I have! I’ll be at the ACCU conference in Oxford next month (19-22 April). I’ll be presenting a session entitled “Changing your organization” - although I expect to get roped into a couple of other things.

The presentation has been written for a while, well a draft has, I find that if I revise it just before the conference its fresh to me and fresh in my mind. In fact, it was putting this presentation together that sparked me thinking about revisiting my book project.

After my previous blog entry I came to the conclusion that its easier to write a book before you start a business than after it so that’s the logical order to do it. Still don’t know if I’ll ever actually start a business but just in case I do!

When I looked again at the ideas I had I found there was more material than I thought. I’m tending towards entitling it “Knowledge, Learning and Change in Software Development” - a grand title but it sums up what I’m interested in.

As I said before the book would need to solve a problem. The problem I think I’m solving - and its not completely clear in my mind - is “How should we understand software development in the twenty first century?” Still not clear who the audience is, and I’ve no idea if I can get a publisher interested yet.

So, now I’m busy at work again, and now I have an project for home my energies are directed - it feels good! - and I’ve a little less time for blogging, which is no bad thing itself.

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