Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changing your organization - presentation and notes

As promised I’ve uploaded my presentation from ACCU 2006, you can download it here. Also here are the notes I made on the discussion surrounding the presentation - download here.

You might ask: What motivated me to give this presentation?

The way I see it, the main problem facing people and organizations today is not in tools or techniques - we have them - but in moving from the way we develop software today to the way we need to develop software in the future.

For example, I am a great believe in the ideas and practices coming out of the Lean and Agile Software Development communities, but I think the main problem faced by organizations is how we move from where we are today to the new practices. That is, the problem is change.

Ultimately, you can change if you want to, you need to want to do this.

In the meantime all we can do is open peoples eyes and say: Just because you developed software like that yesterday doesn’t mean to say you have to do it like that today. There are other, better ways.

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  1. Nice one Allan,

    I especially liked the touch of yellow. A bit of sunshine in this grey world

    As you know, i'm more from the consulting world than from the software houses side. I would have approached the subject from an organisational culture point of view. Is it something you considered? I thought it would have provided a link with corporate attitude to risks, and also to the dangers of applying changes for the sake of it.


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