Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pattern Languages of Program Design volume 5 (PLoPD5) is out - buy it now!

As some of you may know my pattern Encapsulated Context was selected for inclusion in Pattern Languages of Program Design volume 5. Well, it seems the book finally hit the streets in the last few weeks. Its available in the US now, looks like the UK will be next month.

You’ll find Encapsulated Context in chapter 3, this version is slightly different from the online version - thanks to Addison-Wesley’s sub-editing and the editors review process.

So, rush out and buy the book!

As for my reward... I get little more than the fame of having chapter 3 of a major patterns book, Addison-Wesley should be sending me two copies. That’s it.

Its nearly four years since I started to write the pattern so I think some celebration is in order. I’ll let you know when I get the books and I’ll arrange some celebratory drinks.

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