Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog so quiet

I’ve not blogged much lately. That’s because I’ve been busy with other stuff: stuff at work, stuff at home, other writing and taking some time off. O, and if you haven’t heard I’m getting married and these things don’t just organize themselves.

Still, when you’ve blogged as frequently as I have done sometimes in the past you feel your missing something.

So I was very interested in this piece in the Financial Times this week, Valley voices find their value. It appears I’m not the only blogger to find it hard to find the time to blog. Actually the FT piece is mainly about bloggers who because of their blog have either found a viable business based on the blog or their blog has given them a profile that results in them having less time to blog.

Perhaps one day my blog will grow into that... I can hope. For every Robert Scobie there are a million bloggers with no readers, and probably another million who write one entry and then never blog again.

Arh, maybe I’m a sceptic, maybe I lack ambition, its just, I tend to think the existing world exerts a big pull and such cases are still quiet rear - that’s why they are worth an FT article.

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