Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Business Patterns update

Back in July I took my latest work on Business Patterns – or Strategy Design Patterns for Technology Companies to give us a more descriptive title – to the EuroPLoP 2006 conference.  I got lots of good feedback on the work and I’ve finally had the time to finish updating the papers and post the revised versions on my website.

There are two papers:

I’ve now collected quite a few business patterns and added some theory to support them – all available on my website.

What I should do now is compile all these papers into one PDF for easy access – and to cut out some of the boiler plate duplication that ends up in each paper.  That would also help me with the administration of these papers, I’ve run out of titles so I’m introducing a numbering system!

I had thought EuroPLoP 2006 would mark an end to the development of this series.  Instead I’m thinking about a few more patterns for next year.  There has been a little external interest in these patterns this year so maybe things will start to move.


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