Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Problems with Blogger, Bloglines or me?

Just a quick note to anyone experiencing problems with the RSS feed on this blog. I don’t know how general these problems are or whether they are the result of a mistake by me, Blogger (aka Google) or Bloglines but...

Blogger have undertaken some upgrades to their service. After my last blog entry I decided to switch to the “new blogger” - their description not mine. Except for the fact that I now need to associate my Google account with my Blogger account I didn’t really see any difference. To be fair I didn’t spend long looking so it may well be there have been great changes.

Some while ago I found Bloglines (OK, Jonathon mentioned them and I had to check them out!) At first I didn’t see the point, it was just a web based RSS reader, why use that when I had Thunderbird?

Well now I do see the point, it is easier to use and I can read my feeds from wherever I happen to be; home, office, travelling etc.

Anyway, yesterday morning Bloglines reported a lot of my blog as new entries and gave some twice. Inconvenient but nothing too bad, could be the New Year, the switch to new blogger, or something else.

Then this morning Bloglines reports an error with my blog feed. Now, one of the “new blogger” enhancements is supposed to be improvements to the feed so things are starting to come together.

Still, I’ve managed to re-subscribe to my own blog through Bloglines without any problems and it seems to work fine.

Anyone else out there seeing these problems?

Is it my blog alone? – actually Keith Braithwaite’s blog exhibited similar problems yesterday morning.

Is it the Blogger changes? Bloglines? User error? Something else all together?

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