Saturday, February 03, 2007

BlogJet is back - version 2

About a month ago I lamented the fact that I changed to the New Blogger system.  Most of all I missed BlogJet the blogging tool I’ve been using for most of the last year.  Well there is a new version of BlogJet, version 2.  My last couple of blog entries have been with BlogJet and I’m glad to get it back, I’ll probably pay the license fee when the trial comes to an end.

I had a few problems getting BlogJet 2.0 to work with New Blogger.  I had to download a hot fix (version and re-create my account with BlogJet rather than import the old one but now it works fine.

BlogJet 2.0 also has some other improvements I’ll explore over time.  For the moment I’m glad there are more short cut keys.  Unfortunately it doesn’t do spell-as-you-type yet but you can spell check before you publish.

Two funny (odd) things….

Here is Blogger.  Blogging exists because it makes creating web pages an order of magnitude easier than writing HTML and uploading it.  In making it even easier blog tools change the content of the pages and the environment they exist in.

And then along comes a tool like BlogJet and makes blogging even easier!

Second, Blogging sites like Blogger are great examples of software as a service, and how easier tools delivered online are superior to installed software.  But then here is BlogJet, a classic install on Windows application that makes things even better!

So maybe, in a couple of years after we’ve all moved to SaaS and replaced Microsoft Word with Writely and Outlook with Google Calendar and GMail well rediscover software installed on a PC.

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