Monday, April 09, 2007

Software Strategy

In this blog I keep coming back to same interests:

  • Software application development: specifically the use of Agile or Lean techniques to improve the process.

  • The link between IT and business strategy.

  • Opportunities to make better products.

  • How improving our learning can improve our application development, IT strategy and create better products.

Well I am please to announce that I’ve decided to make these passions into a full time job.  I have created a new company to help organizations with exactly these issues.

Software Strategy will help organization improve their learning, improve their strategy and improve the execution of strategy.

Specifically Software Strategy will help organizations deliver the software application which are necessary to delivery their strategy.  Unique software applications have the ability to help companies succeed.  Either because they sell the application itself or because the application allows the company to better deliver some product or service.

For more information see the Software Strategy website.  The company already has a full order book and several interesting prospect in the pipeline.


  1. Great news Allan. Best of luck with the new venture.


  2. Good luck with it!



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