Wednesday, May 30, 2007

McKinsey endourses Lean Software Development

I think most regular reader of this blog will know that when it comes to flavours of Agile Software Development I’m a strong supporter of Lean.  In fact I’ve argued before that “Agile” is a type of “Lean” – and I’ll argue it again in my book.

Now it appears that non-other than McKinseys consultancy has seen the sense in Lean software development – see this piece from their online journal (registration required).  Perhaps not surprisingly McKinsey’s also identifies “the change problem” as the challenge facing organizations which want to benefit from Lean Software Development.

As I said, its not a surprise, McKinsey’s make their money from advising companies on “change” so anything that creates fees is good for them.

Second it is not surprising because that is the problem I see! – hence the forthcoming book.  Naturally it goes without saying that I’m a lot cheaper than McKinseys!  (You know where I am.)

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