Thursday, November 08, 2007

What is it I do again? (apart from blogging)

I’m at one of those points where I’m considering exactly what it is I do. On the one hand its easy: I manage software development, on the other hand its hard. Its hard because I don’t fall into any of the classic categories we find in software development.

Some of what I do is
• I architect, but I don’t code or write UML; I perform architecture by organising teams and projects. (There is a whole blog entry in that sometime.)
• I project manage, but I’m not really a project manager because I believe that delivering a project involves things beyond typical project management.
• I introduce companies to Agile software development, but I’m not an advocate of any particular methodology.

What I do do, as you can find on my revised website, and the revised Software Strategy website, is:
• Work with the most challenged software development teams to deliver successful projects
• Improve teams so they perform better and deliver more value to their employees
• Align business needs with software development

Why this period of self reflection? Because I have some time on my hands. I have been very involved with a start-up for the last six-seven months and this has now come to an end.

I’m independent, I work through my own company, Software Strategy. I either work as a consultant (I analyse companies and make suggestions) or as an interim manager (I get involved with the running of a department for some months).

I have spent the last seven months working as an Interim Software Development Manager with a company that had a lot of challenges. I help the development team deliver good stuff, I introduced a lot of agile practises. Someone even said I created order out of chaos.

But this has come to an end so I’m looking around for something new. I know the world is full of troubled software groups and I want to help! I really want to help these group improve. Its more than work, it is a passion.

I might not be going to an office each day but I’m still working hard. I’ve done three presentations in the last two weeks, I’m proof reading the final typeset proofs of my book (its almost all over!) and I’ve got some pattern papers to revise or write from scratch.

So if you think I can help your team please let me know. This could be as small as a presentation to your development group (which I did form someone yesterday) or it could be several months turning around a team or introducing Agile.

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