Wednesday, May 07, 2008

London Software Partners - a new venture

Ever since I launched Software Strategy I’ve nominally offered training in software development, specifically Agile Software Development and even more specifically the management and process of Agile Software Development. However, I’ve never actually pushed this side of the business.

Today we are launching London Software Partners to offer such training. I say we because this is a joint venture with Giovanni Asproni.

London Software Partners arises from two trends we have noticed. First is the difficulty many of our colleagues have in applying Agile development when working in banks and other financial institutions.

Second is our belief that Agile development is at a critical point in its development. Agile is going mainstream. Many Agile practices, for example TDD, are now see as nothing unusual. Unfortunately a lot people are doing a pale imitation of Agile which creates more problems than it solves.

So London Software Partners intends to address these problems by specifically focusing on the application of Agile Software Development techniques in banking environments. Too many Agile courses - and books - throw out general advice. We intend to give specific advice for specific problems.

We will offer some general public training courses but our main focus will be on tailored training for specific customers. This we plan to solve specific problems. “Solutions through Learning“ is out motto.

Giovanni and I have decided to tackle this together because, well, two heads are better than one. Although we are being very focused it is still a pretty big problem to address. Our skills complement one another: he is certified Scrum master, I’m a certified PRINCE2 project manager; he has spent the last few years with his head in the code, I’ve spent them managing teams and so on. We believe that to offer a complete solution you need to tackle both sides and together we do that.

Anyway, check out the website and let us know what you think.

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