Saturday, June 20, 2009

Agile Coaching from Liz Sedley and Rachel Davies

I used to regular review books on this blog, somewhere along the line I stopped doing it - too many other things to blog about I guess. Plus, while I still read a lot I find it hard to find books which say anything news.

And, I increasingly find I’m reading books before they are published. My friends Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley have been beavering away at their book on Agile Coaching for over a year now. I’ve been reviewing the drafts as they go and I’ve seen it change and improve over time.

The book, Agile Coaching is now available as a Beta download from the Pragmatic Programmers press and the print version will be out in August.

For me the book is a book of two halves. As you would expect half of it is about coaching Agile teams. In that you’ll find that it covers similar ground to my own Changing Software Development - both are about introducing change. While I cover more management and background they cover more personal stuff.

The other half of the book is a nice, modern, discussion of how Agile teams work. Its not Scrum, Kanban, XP or any other method. It describes what you find. Its one of the best introductions to current Agile practices you’ll find. Plus, it incorporates a lot of experience which earlier books couldn’t.

Anyway, the waiting is over see for yourself.

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