Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Agile @ DevelopMentor

I’m pleased to announce that I have entered into a partnership with DevelopMentor. For those who don’t know DevelopMentor they are one of the leading IT training companies in the USA and Europe. DevelopMentor are traditionally a tech-heavy company. Traditionally they offered hard corse courses in C++, C#, Java and so on. They have not so far offered anything for Agile development. Well thats were I come in.

The partnership is in two parts. First DevelopMentor are licensing some of my training material. The first of these is my Foundations of Agile Software Development using Scrum (a 2 day course.) This course is now available in the USA and Europe - and probably most other places if you ask nicely.

The second part of the deal is for me to deliver training to DevelopMentors clients. This will include the Foundations Course plus other courses, again in the UK, Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

For more details see DevelopMentor’s Agile courses see their website.

Initially DevelopMentor are launching with three courses: Foundations of Agile, Requirements with User Stories and Test Driven Development. The first public delivery is schedule for September when I will deliver the Foundations course plus the Requirements course over 4 days (22, 23, 24 & 25) in London.

If your are interesting in the public course get over to the DevelopMentor website quickly, within a couple of hours of them announcing the course they took the first bookings.

Actually, we expect most of the interest to come from companies wanting in house delivery of the course. I delivered the foundations course in Denmark a few weeks ago and got very good feedback from the class.

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