Saturday, August 01, 2009

A favour to ask of my readers

Dear readers,
There are getting to be quite a few of you. I know who some of you are but not all of you. And I know a few of you have bought, and even read my book, Changing Software Development: Learning to Be Agile.

I have a little request to ask of you: would any of you care to write a review of the book on Amazon?

Yes, I’m looking to improve my sales and the more (positive) reviews the better.

Thank you very much.

ps Little bit of trivia for you. Last year I discovered the book I thought was called “Changing Software Development: Learning to Be Agile” was actually called “Changing Software Development: Learning to Become Agile.”

Well, a few weeks ago I discovered the book has both titles. If you have a copy look at the cover, the title if “Learning to become Agile”, not turn inside and look at the title on the inside page, here it is “Learning to Be Agile” - the way I wanted.

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