Thursday, April 01, 2010

PROMS-G slides and other speaking engagements

I presented to the BCS PROMS-G group (Project Management Special Interest Group) last week. This was an expended version of my Jax London talk and formed part of their “Spring School” on Agile. The slides for “The Future of Agile 2010” are now online.

Originally this was going to be a repeat of the BCS Bristol Spring School talk on, The Future of Agile, you might like to compare the two presentations and how my thinking has developed.

Unfortunately I’ve had to pull out of the ACCU Conference this month. I haven’t missed an ACCU conference since 2001 so as much as I regret missing it I think I can skip one. Unfortunately an family matters made it difficult to keep this commitment. The good news for anyone going to the conference is that my place is being taken by Rachel Davies.

So I get April off speaking in public but come May....

I’m speaking to the IIBA Nottingham meeting on 10 May. This will be a repeat of my talk to the IIBA BA conference last year about the BA role in Agile, “More important then ever, the BA role in Agile transition”.

Then I’m speaking to Sottware East in Cambridge on 20 May when I’ll be speaking about The Falling off a log theory and other observations on the software industry.

Unfortunately that means I’ll have to miss the May meeting of ACCU London, which is a shame because Kevlin Henney is the speaker and he is always entertaining.

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