Monday, May 17, 2010

Cambridge, Nottingham and Business Analysts

My talk at the first meeting of the IIBA in Nottingham last week went well - don’t just take my word for it Alex Papworth says so too.

The slides for the talk are now online “The role of the Business Analyst in Agile”. If you saw my presentation to the IIBA BA conference last September you will recognise the presentation, only minor changes. I’m giving another repeat in July, this time privately to a big British airline near Heathrow.

What has become clear to me is: a lot of Business Analysts are wondering where they fit in the Agile world. To help with this I’ve collected some resources together about the role of BAs, and Product Owners generally, in Agile projects.

I hope thats helpful. If you are a BA, and you have this question then think about attending one of the two courses I’m running later this year. The first is in August and is specifically for BAs, Agile Foundations for Business Analysts. The second is in October and focuses more on specific Agile techniques, Agile Development and Requirements with Scrum and User Stories.

Anyone who followed my last set of links on A3 report templates may have noticed my website has sprung a new tab “Resources”. The intention is to make material more accessible. So far there are Resources for BAs, Resources for Lean and Resources for Patterns (writers).

Before then, I’m off to Cambridge on Thursday to speak to Software East, The Falling off a Log Theory. So still time to book.


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