Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving pictures (of me!)

The next few weeks contains more conference for me than is healthy. While most of these are in London (Jax and IIBA BA conferences next week and Agile Business Conference the week after), or just up the road (Agile Cambridge), the interesting one is Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev the week after next.

Alexey and the other cunning minds in Kiev have decided to put the speakers on video. He’s my bit, explaining why you should come to my talk on the role of the Business Analyst.

This is going to be fun, while I’ve been to Russia and Moscow a few times, this will be the first time I’ve been to Ukraine and Kiev. Should be interesting. Interestna, as they say.

Unfortunately, in this blaze of conferences I’m not going to get to go to LESS 2010 (Lean Enterprise Software and Systems) in Helsinki. Which is a shame, not just because it promises to be an interesting conference but because I quite like Helsinki.

Now, can someone explain why there are so many conferences in the late-September early-October period?

For a bonus point, please explain why this period is also extremely busy with work for me: Agile coaching in Cornwall this week, several training days between the conferences and then back to Cornwall to give more coaching before the month ends?

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  1. Everyone back from summer holidays - wanting to get stuff done before the wind down for Christmas


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