Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three plans for Agile (long version)

As noted in my last blog entry RQNG has published my description of Agile planning using Iteration plans, Release Plans and Roadmaps. I’ve added a little bit to this an produced a longer version of the same piece - it only adds about a page.

Three Plans for Agile (long version) is now available on my website.


  1. Why, oh why do you publish this as a pdf instead of just as an html page? It contains a whopping 1 image per page and is mostly text otherwise. Please think of all the poor readers who want to read this on a mobile device, and of all the other poor souls whose computers have been infected because of one of the many security holes in acrobat reader (not that there is no alternative pdf reader, but most users are unaware of that fact..). Please consider supporting open web standards instead of insecure proprietary formats..

  2. If I do it as HTML then I need to reformat it, which requires more work. I was lazy.

    On the other hand, I generally prefer material such as this in PDF because I can put it on my Kindle and read it on the move.

    Interesting to hear your comments, I'll think about making more stuff available as HTML. (Particularly if more people share you views.)


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