Friday, January 07, 2011

Announcing EuroPLoP 2009 Proceedings in print

A long long time ago, well summer 2009 I was Programme Chair of the EuroPLoP conference. One of my responsibilities was to produce the conference proceedings. For the first time we published these proceedings online using the CEUR repository.

Now another first. I am pleased to report we - well me actually - have made the proceedings available in print using the Lulu system.

So, roll up, roll up, get your EuroPLoP 2009 Patterns Conference Proceedings for just £13.54 in print, or free as a PDF.

This is something of an experiment. In the past EuroPLoP had printed proceedings but these were only available if you actually attended the conference or knew someone who did. This limited their circulation.

Secondly, the proceedings were paid for out of the conference budget which added something like €100 to the price of attending.

Whether future EuroPLoP conferences continue to publish on Lulu, or CEUR, is a matter for debate. If you have a view let me know.

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