Sunday, November 13, 2011

Me @ Agile on the Beach

Many of the sessions at Agile on the Beach were recorded and are now available online.

You can find my “Objective Agility” presentation here.

I have a bit part in the The Agile Cornwall case study which is also online. Actually, this video, or rather these videos, are the best version of the Agile Cornwall case study. Although myself and Mike Barritt have given versions of this presentation elsewhere (and probably will do again in time) this version is the best for two reasons.

First, these videos include people on the receiving end of the programme - Research Instruments and Sullivan Cuff Software. They tell about their experiences moving to Agile and the results they have achieved. Second, this version of the case study goes into more depth of about the nature of the programme and how it worked.

Personally I’ve come to see three audiences for the Agile Cornwall case study: anyone who wants to adopt Agile, those who want to know the lessons of our Cornish Agile Laboratory (the Cornish Software Mines), and third, Government agencies who want to see how Government support can help companies adopt Agile.

Finally, I was also part of the panel discussion which is online too - this include Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Toby Parkins and Jason Gorman.

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