Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dialogue Sheets on show at Skills Matter - 13 February

Quick follow up to the last entry about Dialogue Sheets. I’ll be doing a evening session at Skills Matter on the sheets next month - 13 February, “Dialogue Sheets a New Tool for Retrospectives”. The event is free but registration is required.

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  1. Hi Alan, how are you?

    First of all, in behalf of one of the Thales Argentina's development team I'd like to
    thank you for your contribution to the development community around the world.
    We are currently composed by 5 teams in the new technologies project area and we are implementing Scrum methodology since 4 years ago.

    A month ago we found your blog where dialogue sheets were explained as a new method which could be used for team's retrospectives.
    So we decided to try them in our teams which are used to doing retrospectives with a moderator.

    After more than 10 retrospectives using dialogue sheets we got some information we want to share with you as our feedback.

    At first, we used 6 sheets and since they had similar activities a common opinion in teams was they were doing almost the same activities during each retrospective.
    Also we didn't find a final link between the Generate insights and the Decision phase which difficults us for getting a final compromise.
    This could be related to not having a initial defined objective for the retrospective or maybe it's related to the spanish translation we did in order to be able
    to use them.

    As a result we found them very useful in those cases it's difficult to find a moderator also when there is no enough time to prepare the retrospective meeting.

    What is more, your project inspired us to create a retrospective made by cards where each activity is explained in self and they can be combined as well.
    We hope this cards are done for the next month and they'll be available online in our site, your are invited to visit it.
    Take into account the content of the site is in Spanish, we hope you feel familiar with the language ;)

    At last, we hope you find useful our feedback and feel free to give us your comments.
    Thanks again for your contribution!


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