Monday, October 01, 2012

Agile Cambridge: Dialogue Sheets and Andy Warhol

Last week was busy with conferences. I was briefly at Agile Cambridge on Thursday and attended Mind the Product conference in London on Friday (more on that in the next entry).

I feel the need to apologise about Agile Cambridge, I was there for a little over half a day. If I go to a conference I like to be there for longer. As it was I saw Dave Snowden’s keynote (very good) and ran a Dialogue Sheets session.

As usual the Dialogue Sheet session was goo and I hope a few more people will try retrospective Dialogue Sheets - there were people in the workshop from the BBC and McKinseys who said they would be giving them a try. But the most amazing thing about this session was the room: there was an original Andy Warhol Marylyn hanging on the wall. I was warned by the organisers several times not to put anything on the walls or pictures!

As anyone who has used one of my Dialogue Sheets knows there are some thought provoking quotes around the edges. As chance would have it both sheets included an Andy Warhol quote: “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Here are some pictures:
Postscript: The few slides I used are here Dialogue Sheets for Agile Cambridge 2012.

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