Friday, March 08, 2013

Links! - 2 conferences, 1 week

I’ve been to two conferences this week!

The first was Agile Dev Practices in Potsdam, outside of Berlin. At I presented my Retrospective Dialogue Sheets (, well I say presented, it was 10 minutes of introduction, 60 minutes of attendees doing Dialogue Sheets and 20 minutes wrap up.

Anyone who has attended one of my Dialogue Sheet sessions will recognise the format. Which also means there aren’t a lot of slides for download. There are as few slides, essentially the same as Agile Cambridge last September so if you grab those slides you’ll be fine - Dialogue Sheets presentation as PDF download or Dialogue Sheets presentation on SlideShare, take your pick.

The second conference was DevWeek 2013 here in London. This was a completely new presentation: 10 Tips to make your Agile Adoption more successful - so far I only have this up on SlideShare. This presentation was based on an article I wrote for InfoQ last year My 10 things for making your Agile adoption successful.

If you check out the Allan Kelly InfoQ page you will find more on Dialogue Sheets too - I say this because I’m expecting InfoQ to publish another piece on Dialogue Sheets before long.

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