Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#NoProjects becomes #BeyondProjects and online

On Monday night I delivered a talk at Skills Matter in London entitled “Beyond Projects: or the end of projects and what to do about it.” This was the latest evolution of the #NoProjects meme being advanced by Steve Smith, Joshua Arnold and myself.

Steve, Joshua and I have been thinking that #NoProjects is a bit negative and something like #BeyondProjects would be more positive but we didn’t reach a final decision. Having read some of the Tweets after Monday I’ve decided.

#NoProjects is now #BeyondProjects - that also sidesteps the problem of teenagers on Twitter using the first of those hashtags to denote the end of their coursework.

The talk was well received and I’ve got mails and conversations to follow up.

The #BeyondProjects slides are now online at Slideshare and Skills Matter have published a video of the talk.

If you want to know more about this see my blog last year "Beyond Projects, Beyond #NoProjects” see too Steve’s past blogs and Joshua’s blogs, particularly “The Problem with Projects.” What is really interesting is Steve, Joshua and I all started rethinking projects from different points of view.

My thinking originated with the cognitive dissonance that exists because successful software doesn’t end but projects do. I think projects don’t make a good model.

Steve comes from a continuous delivery point of view.

And Joshua emphasises risk and value more.

Gradually these three points are being woven into one story.


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