Sunday, August 03, 2014

Introducing the Agile Basics video series

In the last year I’ve had a lot of people ask whether I do online training, and I’ve had several of the partner organizations I work with suggest I should do more video training courses. I’ve even heard stories that some people can make good money doing this.

My immediate reaction is doubt. Doubts because so much of what I do is interactive, exercises, following questions and I don’t know how to translate that into pre-recorded videos or other online material. If my courses were just me talking to the audience then maybe, but thats not what I do in my Agile training courses.

But really: I just don’t know. I don’t know what works and what doesn’t online. I don’t know how to approach videos, how much work is required? How much editing? Should I get a professional involved?

So I decided the best thing to do was to experiment. To find out for myself. O yes I could read a lot about what works and what doesn’t online but until I’ve actually tried its all a bit abstract.

Back in April I posted a “Xanpan Board Tour” video.

And in May ran a webinar with DevelopMentor which was recorded: Agile Basics - 40 minutes plus 20 minutes Q&A.

I learned from both of those, I got more confident. So I can now announce the results of my summer project: The Agile Basics video series.

I took the webinar I did in May, broke it into separate pieces and added some more material. The result is five episodes (quality, iterations, visualise, work in the small and teams) each of which has short video, 10 minutes approximately, plus an introduction and conclusion video - about 4 minutes each.

I hope people will find these useful, its just possible that some people having seen my recordings will decide to hire my services. More likely I imagine people who have been on my courses can use these to revisit some of the topics. After all, YouTube is full of similar “Agile Basics” videos.

But the person who has got most out of this is: Me.

I’ve learned a lot more.

I’ve learned that videos require work. Just like working in another medium - specifically writing - they require preparation, they require time to do the work and they require time to edit and change the work. If I am going to continue working in video then I need to practice these skills and learn more. And just perhaps I need to start working with more experiences, even professional, people.

Anyway, if anyone is interested the videos are available to watch for free either from the Software Strategy website or directly on YouTube.

And if you have a view on whether I should work more in video, or whether these videos have value, or suggestions for how to work better then please, as always, let me know. Getting feedback is hard!

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