Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Xanpan book 2: The means of production

Today I start unveiling Xanpan book 2: The Means of Production - Managing team centric Agile Software Development.

Many regular readers will have read about Xanpan - my own blend of XP (Extreme Programming) and Kanban - and the most regular readers won’t need telling that the message behind Xanpan is…. Create your own development method!

But I’m not sure every reader has yet bought a copy of Xanpan. Xanpan is available in electronic form from LeanPub and in hard copy Xanpan is on Lulu. There are also some reviews of Xanpan on Lulu - and plenty of space for more.

Now its time to announce Xanpan book 2.

Xanpan book 2 is much further developed than I like to admit. In fact what I’m publishing today has been ready since before Christmas. But like so many others the desire to unveil a more complete product has held me back. The desire to do a more complete job has detered me. I’m just the same as everyone one else!

So, I’m taking a chance. I’m pushing some of it out there and let see what happens.

As with any LeanPub project lets see what the feedback says and then we’ll do some more.

Right now Xanpan2 contains the introduction and the first chapter “Teams Heuristics”. It also contains the chapter headings for the chapters I think will be in the book as it develops.

If you like Xanpan 2 please send me some feedback, and if you don’t like it please please send me some feedback. As always, the best feedback is money!

My intention is to polish and publish more of the chapters over the next few weeks and months, and try to complete the unfinished chapters too. As I do this I might push the price up!

I’ve got an idea where this book will end, when I get there and I’m happy I may decide to have it professionally copy edited. That is a batch process so much wait. And again I’ll push the price up.

Now: go get Xanpan book 2.

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