Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Agile Banking conference

For the record… OK, so I don’t loose the URL…

Despite my scepticism about Agile in Banking environments, particularly investment banking, I’ve also become convinced that those who are attempting Agile enablement/transition/working/change in a banking environment need help!

Specifically I think they need their own conference. Having looked at some of the available conferences I think they are rubbish. So I’ve prodded the good people at Software Acumen to make it happen. I also intend to keep a big dirty finger in the pie to make sure they come up with a good programme - although I don’t plan to speak myself.

So, if you want for a bank, and you are trying Agile of any description mark your calendar with Friday 20 November and sign-up for notifications at the Agile Banking conference website -

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