Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Xanpan now on Amazon

Regular readers will certainly know about my Xanpan method, a hybrid of Extreme Programming and Kanban. (The secret is: Xanpan contains XP).

Earlier this year I decided to make Xanpan into a more respectable book, that mean a new, professional cover:


Step two was proper ISBN numbers for the electronic versions. The print version has long had the number 978-1-291-85273-8, now the Mobi (Kindle) version has become 978-0-9933250-0-7, the PDF version 978-0-9933250-1-4 and the ePub (Apple Books) is 978-0-9933250-1-4.

And I’m please to announce step 3 is now complete: Xanpan is now on Amazon.

Unfortunately due to the way Amazon works it sees the physical and electric book versions as different books, and the different Amazon’s don’t show the same reviews. So, there are lots of views on Amazon just scattered around - there are also still reviews on Lulu.

Anyway, if you don’t have a copy of Xanpan yet you can now get it at:
I’d love to have more reviews, so please please please add them! I’m happy to give a (unfinished) copy of Xanpan 2 “The Means of Production” to anyone who writes a review.

And if you live in another Amazon country (.de, .ca, ….) then I’m sure your Amazon has the book, you just need to look at the UK or USA for reviews right now.

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