Monday, October 24, 2016

Lean Product Manager - a new endeavour:

The state of Product Management in the UK has long been on of my bugbears. Anyone who has seen my “Requirements: Whose job are they anyway?” will have picked up on some of my concern. Well, I’ve finally decided to do something about it…

Together with Monika Turska I’ve been putting together a two-day course focused on modern product management called “Lean Product Management.” We are going to be running it with Learning Connexions in London at the start of December. For the first run or two you’ll have both of us delivering the course, after that we’ll see what happens.

Whether your title is actually Product Manager or if you are a product manager labouring under the title Product Owner or Business Analyst we think you’ll learn something on this course.

We’ve structured the course around three themes which we see as key to filling the Product Manager role well but poorly understood:

  • The Product Manager’s role: understanding the purpose of the role and how product manager interacts with the customers, market and their organisation in order to maximise the value of the product.
  • The Product Lifecycle: how to choose the right tools, measure progress, set actionable metrics through the product life cycle from a prototype, MVP, maturity and product decline, and how to identify opportunities for product business pivots.
  • The Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): identifying and optimising the value proposition and customer engagement, and how this changes for innovators, early adopters, through maturity and laggard adopters.

There is not “Agile” in the title for two reasons, a) the focus is on “what should be built” and b) Agile is pretty much a given in innovative environments. If you are not actively doing “Agile” your probably doing something better, or else you’ve already gone out of business.

Anyway, let me know what you think, or better still: book a place today.

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