Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What Is Software Design?

This link has been in my blog backlog for a couple of months, waiting to work its way into a blog post. But I’m fed up waiting so here it is raw.

What Is Software Design? by Jack W. Reeves on Developer Dot Star

Originally published in 1992, before Java, before C#, before Agile, when Lean was just breaking out of Toyota and before the web (almost) this is a classic piece about software design.

Reeves argues that all coding is design. His specifics might refer to C++ but this could be any language.

Just in case you are in any doubt: I completely agree.


  1. Software Testing is very popular now a days.Software design is a process of problem-solving and planning for a software solution.

  2. You have explained in a subsequent manner. Designing a software is a difficult task. Thanks for posting it will helpful to lots of people.


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