Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm a BA get me out of here! - the BA role on an Agile Team

In the last couple of years I’ve given my “BA role in Agile” (PDF of the Nottingham version, or Slideshare of the Skills Matter version) talk a number of times at a number of different venues. A couple of months ago I got around to writing up the talk and it has now been published in ACCU Overload.

If you’d like to read this you can read it in Overload 98, or take the PDF from my website, “The BA role on Agile teams”.

Shorter versions of this piece have, and probably will be again, published elsewhere. The Overload piece is the full version. Thats the nice thing about Overload, it has the space to explore a topic more fully.

I’m just now putting the finishing touches to the 3-day training course that grew out of this talk and which will be running in September at Skills Matter.

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