Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Little Book of User Stories anyone?

If you follow me on Twitter you will probably have noticed I’ve been writing a series of pieces for The Agile Connection on User Stories. This series began by accident, until recently I didn’t know I knew so much about user stories!

Actually, although the series is based around user stories it is probably better to say its about requirements in an agile setting. (There is a full list of the pieces so far on my website.)

I can now see the end of this series, a few more pieces to go and I’m thinking of rolling all the pieces, plus some offcuts and one or two extras into a LeanPub book. This is tentatively entitled “The Little Book of User Stories.”

Its on LeanPub now and if your interested please register your interest. And tell me how much you think I should charge.

If it looks like more than a few people are interested I’ll put the work in an publish it. If not, well, MVPs should be able to fail.

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