Friday, September 25, 2015

New website - feedback please?

For reasons which don’t always make sense to me I run three websites.

The most active is this blog - which is hosted on Blogger, I suppose I could, should, move it but I’ve yet to find a compelling reason.

The second is which is classic static site created with RapidWeaver - a great but far from perfect tool. is a dumping ground for me, allan, its contains or links to almost everything I’ve written or recorded.

The third - and the reason for writing this post - is my commercial site, Software Strategy, this is where I list my commercial offerings - the training courses and consulting work offer. Over the summer we launched a new version of, the most expensive version yet! I’d be really grateful for feedback from anyone - please!

(And links to it would be even better, thank!)

The real test of the Software Strategy website is whether it brings in more paying work for me - yes I’d love to blog blog blog but I need to pay the mortgage too.

What do you think of

Until a couple of years ago Software Strategy was all my own work, again with RapidWeaver and static. Then I decided to improve the website and paid someone to rebuild it on WordPress. The site never performed as well as the previous one - i.e. it didn’t bring in as much work - and eventually I decided to rebuild again.

So now I have a new fancy WordPress website.

And I hate WordPress more than ever.

I expect that in a couple of years I’ll be ready for another rebuild. When that time comes I would love to move it back to a static configuration. I see WordPress costs me more but I can’t see any benefit.

Anyone out there want to correct me?

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