Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Book about Requirements and User Stories

As mentioned a few weeks ago I’m compiling my recent Agile Connection series on User Stories and Requirements into a LeanPub book.

I’ve now released the first couple of chapters, you can get them from LeanPub right now!

I intend to add more chapters over the coming weeks. The bulk of the material will be straight from the Agile Connection series, perhaps with a little more editing. There will also be some off cuts, bits that didn’t make it to Agile Connection series either because they were blew the word limit on another piece, were too short to stand lone, or didn’t quite fit in. There is stuff you can do in a book because it is large and different.

My intention is to up the price a bit as I add chapters. Its really annoying now that the UK (and I think all of Europe) charge VAT on e-books. Seems a bit unfair that printed book don’t attract VAT but ebooks do.

If you have any comments on the book, the content or things you think are missing please let me know.

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