Monday, November 02, 2015

Managing beyond projects - a workshop #NoProjects

Regular readers will know I’ve been talking about #NoProjects for a couple of years now, why projects don’t make sense has been a reoccurring theme of mine.

Unfortunately, in the space of these blog posts, and in the time available for conference presentations there is not enough time to go into alternatives and how work should be managed. I feel bad about that because there are solutions.

So now I’ve put together a day long workshop to discuss the problems and solutions in more detail.

I’m running this for the first time in January, 15 January to be exact.

More details on the EventBrite booking page - Managing Beyond Projects.

For my readers I’ve set up a 10% discount code, BlogReader, this is good 12 November.

Numbers are limited, I intend to limit it to about 12 people tops. Tickets are in four price bands of tickets and there is a limited number in each band so if you want the cheapest tickets book early.

(This is the first time I’ve arranged an event with paid for tickets myself so its something of an experiment. I’m doing it to maximise feedback. So if you have any feedback, mail me direct!)

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